NBA Draft order : Complete list of picks stephen curry college jersey for Rounds 1 and 2

stephen curry jersey college etermined during June's draft lott warriors jersey youth ery. The other lottery teams pick in inverse order of the regular-season standings.Nos. 15-30 in the first round and the entire second round are also determined by regular-season record.2021 NBA mock draftSN's lates


Which prospect will hear his name called first at the 2021 NBA Draft?

The Pistons hold the No. 1 overall pick this year, and they are discussing a trio of talented players: Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green and Evan Mobley. Multiple reports have pegged Cunningham as the most likely choice, but it appears Detroit is not locked in just yet.

In addition to the early selections, trades could also have a domino effect on the draft board. As always, rumors will be flying all over the place, providing plenty of intrigue on Thursday night.

Below is the complete list of all NBA Draft picks in 2020 from No. 1 overall to No. 60.

MORE NBA DRAFT: SN's latest mock draft | Top 60 big board

NBA Draft order 2021

Round 1

Pick Team
1. Detroit Pistons
2. Houston Rockets
3. Cleveland Cavaliers
4. Toronto Raptors
5. Orlando Magic
6. Oklahoma City Thunder
7. Golden State Warriors (via Minnesota Timberwolves)
8. Orlando Magic (via Chicago Bulls)
9. Sacramento Kings
10. New Orleans Pelicans
11. Charlotte Hornets
12. San Antonio Spurs
13. Indiana Pacers
14. Golden State Warriors
15. Washington Wizards
16. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Boston Celtics)
17. Memphis Grizzlies
18. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Miami Heat)
19. New York Knicks
20. Atlanta Hawks
21. New York Knicks (via Dallas Mavericks)
22. Los Angeles Lakers
23. Houston Rockets (via Portland Trail Blazers)
24. Houston Rockets (via Milwaukee Bucks)
25. Los Angeles Clippers
26. Denver Nuggets
27. Brooklyn Nets
28. Ph nba stephen curry jersey iladelphia 76ers
29. Phoenix Suns
30. Utah Jazz

Round 2

NBA Auto Accessories

Pick Team
31. Milwaukee Bucks (via Houston Rockets)
32. New York Knicks (via Detroit Pistons)
33. Orlando Magic
34. Oklahoma City Thunder
35. New Orleans Pelicans ( NBA Pajamas via Cleveland Cavaliers)
36. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Minnesota Timberwolves)
37. Detroit Pistons (via Toronto Raptors)
38. Chicago Bulls (via New Orleans Pelicans)
39. Sacramento Kings
40. New Orleans Pelicans (via Chicago Bulls)
41. San Antonio Spurs
42. Detroit Pistons (via Charlotte Hornets)
43. New Orleans Pelicans (via Washington Wizards)
44. Brooklyn Nets (via Indiana Pacers)
45. Boston Celtics
46. Toronto Raptors (via Memph warriors jersey mens customized is Grizzlies)
47. Toronto Raptors (via Golden State Warriors)
48. Atlanta Hawks (via Miami Hawks)
49. Brooklyn Nets (via Atlanta Hawks)
50. Philadelphia 76ers (via New York Knicks)
51. Memphis Grizzlies (via Portland Trail Blazers)
52. Detroit Pistons (via Los Angeles stephen curry jersey sales Lakers)
53. New Orleans Pelicans (via Dallas Mavericks)
54. Indiana Pacers (via Milwaukee Bucks)
55. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Denver Nuggets)
56. Charlotte Hornets (via Los Angeles Clippers)
57. Charlotte Hornets (via Brooklyn Nets)
58. New York Knicks (via Philadelphia 76ers)
59. Brooklyn Nets (via Phoenix Suns)
60. Indiana Pacers (via Utah Jazz)

How many rounds are in the NBA Draft?

The NBA Draft consists of only two rounds, th NBA Golf Equipment e fewest of the four major North American sports leagues. Start to finish, 60 players will be drafted from the Steph Curry 2021 class.

How is the NBA Draft order determined?

The order of the first round is set by the draft lottery and regular-season standings. The first four picks (Pistons, Rockets, Cavaliers, Raptors) were d stephen curry jersey college etermined during June's draft lottery. The other lottery teams pick in inverse order of the regular-season standings.

Nos. 15-30 in the first round and the entire second round are also determined by regular-season record.

2021 NBA mock draft

SN's latest mock draft, curated by Mike DeCourcy, breaks down the entire first round of the 2021 NBA Draft. DeCourcy predicts the Pistons will take Oklahoma State star Cade Cunningham with the No. 1 overall pic NBA Shirts and Sweaters k.

Here is SN's projected top five for this year's draft:

  1. Pistons: Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma State
  2. Rockets: Jalen Green, G League Ignite
  3. Cavaliers: Evan Mobley, USC
  4. Raptors: Jonathan Kuminga, G League Ignite
  5. M stephen curry jersey finals agic: Jalen Suggs, Gonzaga

Check out the rest of DeCourcy's mock draft here.

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