Meet Nuggets c stephen curry city edition jersey youth enter Bol Bol, the most tantalizing player in the NBA

nba jerseys f stephen curry jersey youth large or kids stephen curry size xxs Any time Bol Bol is on the basketball court, it's a must-watch event. It doesn't matter who he's playing

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Any time Bol Bol is on the basketball court, it's a must-watch event. It doesn't matter who he's playing with or against, or when or where or why. Bol is that unique, that special, that even mention of him can send NBA Twitter into a frenzy.

So why don't the Nuggets play Bol more often? After all, he's a 7-2 player who can shoot 3s, handle the ball, distribute and block shots all at high levels.

The answer is a complicated one involving defensive nuances, deep rotations and Dwyane Wade body type. But if one thing is clear about Bol, it's this: Basketball is more fun when he's on the floor, so hopefully Denver gets him into more games in his second NBA season after only a bit of involvement in the bubble in Year 1.

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How tall is Bol Bol?

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Bol Bol is 7-2. He weighs in at 220 pounds, which is where a lot of the problems come in when Denver tries to put a defense around Bol. He can block shots at the rim against smaller players, but he's also easily pushed around by NBA Hats strong centers. 

In the bubble, the Nuggets had to frequently run a zone defense when Bol was in the 2020-21 NBA City Jerseys game to keep him out of too many tricky situations. But boy oh boy, Bol can be fun when things are going well.

Who is Bol Bol's dad?

Bol Bol is the son warriors jersey size 48 of Manute Bol. Manute was born in South Sudan and played in the NBA from 1985-95. At 7-7 but only 200 po NBA Collectibles unds, Manute was even skinnier than his son.

Manute was also not shy about letting a 3-poin golden state warriors authentic jerseys ter fly now and again. He made 43 of 205 attempts from deep in his career (21 percent). Bol shows much the same willingness to let it fly.

Where did Bol Bol go to college?

Bol Bol attended Oregon, where he played for one season. He played only nine games before a foot injury kept him out of action.

Those nine games were special, though. Bol averaged 21.0 points, 9.6 rebounds and 2.7 blocks per game. Against maybe his most difficult opponent, Syracuse at Madison Square Garden, Bol had 26 points, nine rebounds, four blocks and three steals on his 19th birthday.

How good can Bol Bol be in the NBA?

To say the sky is the limit is rather cliche, but it feels like the truth with Bol. In addition to his prolific shot-blocking, athleti stephen curry jersey hoodie cism and 3-point shooting, he's even a good passer.

Bol feels like the type of player you'd create in a video game. Maybe he'll always be held back by his skinny frame, but it's almost inevitable that he'll put up good numbers per minute played.

It'd certainly make NBA Twitter happy if Bol got lots of said minutes. 

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