Kevin Durant's advice for Ben Simmons upon return stephen curry jersey kings to Philadelphia for Nets vs. 76ers

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Ben Simmons makes his return to Philadelphia on Thursday, and although he won't be playing in his new Nets threads, he is expected to be on the bench for the game. That means that 76ers fans will surely be vocal in welcoming back the former No. 1 overall pick, who didn't play for the 76ers all season before his eventual trade to the Nets.

Kevin Durant is no stranger to hostile returns given his experience returning to Oklahoma City after bolting for the Golden State Warriors ahead of the 2016-17 season.

While Simmons' situation is different from Durant's departure from OKC, he would be wise to learn from Durant who is one of the few stars who know what it's like rebel sport stephen curry jersey to stand in Simmons' shoes. In his return to Oklahoma City, Durant was relentlessly booed for the duration of the game. Thunder fans called him "cupcake," but Durant took it in stride.

So how has Durant helped Simmons prepare? He hasn't… and Simmons hasn't sought Durant out for help either. OK, then!

SIMMONS ON FIT WITH DURANT: "It's going to be scary."

Following Brooklyn's win over Charlotte on warriors jersey mens customized Tuesday, Durant was asked if he'd said anything to Simmons about the upcoming boo-birds. The Nets' leading scorer didn't mince words.

Via video f stephen curry jersey icon rom SNYNets, Durant had this to say in a press conference:

Absolutely not. That’s one of those things he’s gonna have to experience for himself. I can’t NBA Toys go over there, nobody’s gonna hold his hand, I’m sure it’s gonna be personal attacks, there’s gonna be some words that may trigger you, personally, but that’s just how fans are. They wanna get under our skin, let their voices be heard. Part of the experience of coming to an NBA game is to heckl NBA Polo Shirts e — some people don’t even enjoy basketball, their lives are s—-y that they just get to aim it at other people, so it’s easy to kinda get that release at a basketball game. Ben understands that and sure some stuff may be funny — you know you don't know. But at the end of the day, we realize that life is amazing, we play the game of basketball for a living, and a little bit of trash talk is what it is.

Durant added that Simmons hadn't approached him for advice about dealing with angry fans.

For all of the criticism of his public persona, Durant has seemed to embrace an adversarial relationship with fans. He's active on Twitter, and he's more than willing to engage individual accounts if they say something that bothers him. Whether or not things started out that way, he seems to somewhat enjoy being the heel.

In that way, Durant appears to be different from Simmons, who doesn't really dive into the minutia of social media. With that in mind, it may be a bit harder for Simmons to take Durant's approach, but Nets head coach Steve Nash was blunt talking about Simmons' mindset. "It is what it is. He's a big boy. He'll be fine," Nas LeBron James h said on Tuesday about Simmons' return, per ESPN's Nick Friedell. "He wants to be there on the bench with his teammates."

The Nets appear to have the utmost confidence in Simmons to compartmentalize once cheap stephen curry jersey he's in Philadelphia. The next step is to get him on the floor alongside Durant and Kyrie Irving and see how he fits with the team Brooklyn has put together.

There isn't much time, either. The Nets are likely destined for the Play-In as they are currently in eighth place in the East and trail the sixth plac stephen curry jersey san francisco e Cavaliers by six games in the loss column with just 16 games left in the regular season.

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