H men's stephen curry jersey idden Gems: Robert Williams III's innovative role has saved the Celtics' season

The Celtics are still giving him chances to facilitate above the break, because Williams is a great screener and passer. He is unselfish to a faul Joel Embiid t, caring more about setting teammates up for good shots than getting looks himself. That makes him b stephen curry jersey black and yellow eloved as a teammate a

Robert Williams III is a great example of what can go right when you match smart coaching with a player who has extreme strengths and weaknesses. Williams is having a breakout year under Celtics coach Ime Udoka. That’s largely a result of Udoka creating a custom role for him on both ends of the court that fits him perfectly. 

The defensive side of the ball is where Williams has most of his impact. He’s always had incredible shot-blocking talent and a nose for the ball. But he was prone to fouling at an extremely high rate, he was somewhat undisciplined and he wasn’t great at understanding help responsibilities or correct positioning. That made him a fairly large negative from an on/off perspective in his first three years despite the flashy plays he’d have on a nightly basis. 

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Those weaknesses have been mitigated this season because of his fascinating new role. Williams is fouling at a much lower rate, his block and steal numbers are still outstanding, and for the first time in his four years in the league the Celtics are playing much better defense when he’s on the court. 

Udoka is trying to incorporate a switch-heavy scheme in his first year, which the Celtics struggled to adapt to early on. Sometime around the middle of January, he made another tweak that completely reversed their season. Rather than having Williams guarding bigs who were involved in a lot of ball screen actions, Udoka moved Al Horford onto those assignments. Williams was assigned onto weaker wings or forwards who stayed more off the ball, such as the Nets’ James Johnson. 

Those Johnson-type of players usually stay in the corners and aren’t big offensive threats. That has allowed Williams to roam the baseline as a sort of turbo rebounder and last line of defense on shots near the rim. It’s simplified his role, hiding the m Tim Duncan istakes that he can make in help rotations. He also now has the freedom to go make plays on the ball.  

Steph Curry Williams has been a terror stationed near the rim. The Celtics give up the third-fewest amount of attempts from that area, because he is always looming back there as a threat to swat the crap out of attempts. He had a block the other night to save the game against the Nuggets, playing off weak 3-point shooter Aaron Gordon in the corner and teleporting to the other side of the floor to contest a dunk attempt. 

The Celtics are unique in some of the switching that they do to keep Williams near the rim. If his man comes up to set a ball screen, they will often execute three-way switches to keep him low on the floor. He and Marcus Smart have developed NBA Finals Champs Geara sort of Vulcan mind-meld to make sure that they never screw up these assignments. 

When Williams does end up guarding on the perimeter, he does a pretty good job. He is prone to getting blown by, but he is such a freak athlete that he can make big plays even when he’s beat. 

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Those plays don’t happen as much anymore, because Williams is constantly switching assignments to stay as close to the baseline as possible. It’s a fascinating scheme that works specifically becaus stephen curry jersey dress e of the smart and versatile personnel that the Celtics have. They have been by far the best defense in the league since incorporating the change. The league has yet to figure out warriors jersey youth curry a way to beat it. 

Similar to his defense, Williams presents clear strengths and weaknesses on offense. He’s not a shooting threat at all, and defenses will sag way off him when he has the ball. 

The Celtics are still giving him chances to facilitate above the break, because Williams is a great screener and passer. He is unselfish to a faul Joel Embiid t, caring more about setting teammates up for good shots than getting looks himself. That makes him beloved as a teammate and has fixed the “my turn, your turn” problems that the Celtics faced early in their season. 

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Williams doesn’t shoot or score a ton. He has yet to make a 3, and the vast majority of his shots are either putbacks or assisted layups. He still manages to make the Celtics’ offense better when he’s on the floor b stephen curry jersey classic edition ecause of the gravity he bring uh rainbow warriors jersey s as a lob threat. If opposing bigs step up to contest drives from Celtics guards, he’ll point his finger up and they’ll toss it up to him for an easy dunk. 

If teams switch pick-and-rolls involving Williams, then they’re in trouble too. Smaller players can’t jump with him on those lobs, and he will also destroy them on the offensive glass. 

Udoka has managed to create a role for Williams that address stephen curry jersey iphone se phond casr es many of the team’s weaknesses w Dirk Nowitzki hile highlighting his strengths. On defense, he’s the guy hiding in the shadows waiting to grab rebounds and pounce at the rim. On offense, he’s the invisible threat that will throw down a dunk from the rafters or keep the offense flowing with quick passes. He’s become a major player for the Celtics, and they’ve been racking up the wins because of it. 

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